Deb Burst Ambassador

Welcome to my blog page! I’ve been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2003, but in Dentistry for over 24 years! I love my field and I love helping people create beautiful smiles! It takes some time and effort to accomplish. It starts out with great homecare and using the right products. Then getting your teeth cleaned 2-3 times a year (with me). Finally maintenance. I love making people feel great about their teeth and their smile. It give them so much confidence and it puts a smile on my face too. Teaching about oral health is part of my job too. I inform people on what they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. I see what works and what doesn’t every single day. How? I clean their teeth and it shows me, that’s how. So they say a hygienist can really tell if you’re flossing? Oh yea! and we can tell if you are using a manual brush or an electric (and what kind)!

So follow me through this journey of great oral health! Because keeping the plaque off your teeth helps keep  your heart healthy and prevents a lot of different diseases of the brain and body! Yep. Find out in my following posts on what you can do to keep your mouth super clean and in turn help your heart, brain and your whole body!

Talk soon!


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