Burst sonic toothbrush

Let me start off by saying that I’m a DENTAL HYGIENIST! I’ve been working in dentistry for over 24 years! I know what’s best for your teeth and gums: BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH! You can get it at www.burstoralcare.com for 40% off retail PLUS free shipping using my PROMO CODE: NWFSTP

This is my review about why I think it’s the best electric toothbrush on the market today!

I feel like people who get their teeth cleaned every 6 months really listen to their dental hygienist. They have a good relationship with them and trust that we know what’s best when it comes to oral health. So the fact that I have been cleaning people’s teeth for over 15 years, gives me a lot of confidence to know a lot great things for better teeth and gums.

I see so many different types of patients, from little kids, teenagers, adults and the senior population. One thing is for sure; they don’t brush well! Sure they “think” they are doing a good job! Then they see us for a visit and we scrape their teeth for an hour and show them all the areas they have been missing with that manual toothbrush, or battery operating spin brush. Those brushes DO NOT clean your teeth like a SONIC toothbrush. I’ve personally seen the difference in hundreds of patients. Studies don’t tell me a thing, I can SEE it by cleaning their teeth. So the sonic vibrations in a sonic toothbrush, like BURST SONIC, transmit mechanical energy through vibrations, or wave transmissions. The advantage of a sonic brush is that it cleans via two different methods. Not just  mechanical tooth scrubbing, but it creates a secondary cleansing action that helps disrupt dental plaque beyond where the tips of the bristles actually touch! Only toothbrushes that generate this sonic range are able to make this claim.

BURST Sonic toothbrush has 33,000 strokes per minute. Conventional power toothbrushes only have a brushing mechanism that generates 2,500 to 7,500 strokes per minute. So how does a sonic toothbrush work? Well it’s due to two separate mechanisms: mechanical scrubbing and fluid dynamics.

Mechanical scrubbing:  Like other brushes, the sonic has the ability to remove dental plaque by scrubbing the surface of the teeth.

Fluid dynamics: This is only the secondary action but it’s what makes sonic toothbrushes special. This is the process where the intense vibrations of the bristles agitate the fluid around your teeth (saliva) to the point that it disrupts dental plaque (bacterial colonies), BEYOND where the bristles of the brush even touch!! In research papers, this disruption of dental plaque is typically called “non-contact” brushing.

This cannot happen with a manual toothbrush or just a conventional oscillating brush. This is why a sonic brush is so GREAT!  Studies have shown that the “non-brushing” effect can take place up to 4 millimeters (a little more than 1/8 of an inch) beyond where the bristles of a sonic brush actually touch.

So that’s why you need to be brushing with a SONIC TOOTHBRUSH! Here are some of the reasons why I prefer the BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH:

  • 2 minute timer (shuts off automatically)
  • 30 second quad pacer (pauses so you can switch areas of the mouth)
  • 3 brushing modes: whitening, sensitive and massage
  • USB charger
  • brush head is super soft because it’s coated with binchotan charcoal  nanoparticles (remove stains and absorb odors)
  • battery lasts 4 weeks on a single charge (only takes one hour)
  • brush head automatically shipped for only $6 every 3 months
  • 90 Day Happiness guarantee!!
  • 2 colors available: BLACK OR WHITE

There’s no other company that has a better, more professional and AFFORDABLE sonic toothbrush….with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!! If you are signed up to get replacement heads every 3 months then if anything happens to your brush, BURST will replace it FREE of charge! This is one of the best reasons why I love this toothbrush company! So with everything I’ve said here, you should be going directly to www.burstoralcare.com and getting you and your family a BURST!

$39.99 with PROMO CODE: NWFSTP

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