Coupon Code for Burst Sonic Toothbrush in the United States and Canada

Have you heard the buzz around the internet lately? It seems to be running wild about the BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH It’s the professional sonic toothbrush, recommended by dentists and hygienists, that’s finally affordable for everyone! It retails for $69.99 but if you use my promo code:  NWFSTP at checkout, you can get it for 40% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING! I mean compared to the top selling sonic brushes on the market that usually retail between $150-220, getting one for $69.99 isn’t bad. BUT if you know a hygienist or dentist you can get a special 40% discount! That’s right, dentists and dental hygienists really know what’s best for your teeth so we have joined forces with BURST to recommend their sonic toothbrush. Why? Well because I’ve tried it and I am honestly shocked by what a great toothbrush it is! It’s got the power of an expensive market brand, the professional look and feel…. PLUS, it’s got an upgraded head with binchotan charcoal bristles. It removes odors and stains to effectively leave your teeth feeling cleaner and smoother! But the biggest difference with our toothbrush is the PRICE! We don’t have to pay tons of money to advertise and promote and pay all the people in between. We just recruit the leading dental professionals to use it and give their honest opinions! The word spreads through our honest reviews and we see it by checking our patients who use one. BAM! That’s it, we can give you an affordable brush that you don’t have to break the bank to get!!!

Here’s some of the reasons why I love BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH so much:

  • 2 minute timer
  • 30 second quad pacer- tells you when to switch quadrants
  • 3 brushing modes: whitening, sensitive  and massage
  • 4 week battery life w/ just a one hour charge
  • USB charging cable
  • super soft binchotan bristles that remove stains and odors
  • 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute!
  • replacement heads are only $6 every 3 months


This is the only electric toothbrush company that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their product. That’s right! If you stay subscribed to receive replacement heads every 3 months, then if something should happen to your BURST SONIC, they will replace it FREE of charge. That’s a company that really stands by their product! Some of the other name brand companies only have a one year warranty on their product, and ones you buy from the dental office have only a 2 year warranty. How many times has your old electric died on you after just 2 years and then you have to go and spend ANOTHER $100 or $200 to replace it. That’s just ridiculous! An electric toothbrush should be made to last 5-7 years with NO ISSUES! But we all know things happen, you can a bad one, or something just doesn’t work right, and it breaks. Well BURST will either fix it or replace it for you. That’s a company I will stand by.

Studies have shown that using a sonic toothbrush for 2 minutes, twice a day will cure gingivitis in two weeks! Definitely make sure you replace your head every 3 months to prevent transfer of  old germs and an old head won’t remove as much plaque after 3 months. I’ve been in dentistry for over 24 years and have seen the difference a sonic toothbrush can make. I can tell who is using a manual toothbrush and who is using an electric toothbrush without even asking a patient. It’s that noticeable! Trust me, you’ll help periodontal issues and bone problems just by switching to a sonic toothbrush. So what are you waiting for? Start BURSTING!

So please, try BURST SONIC for yourself! Go to and enter promo code: NWFSTP at checkout and get this amazing product for only $39.99 with free shipping! If you like it go back and leave a review for others. This company is expanding quickly because of honest reviews from people like you! We want to know how we are doing. If you like us tell your friends and family and please share my code: NWFSTP. It never expires and you can use it as many times as you like!

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