Burst Promo code NWFSTP for Burst Sonic Toothbrush & Whitestrips


These two are like the dynamic duo! Both of these together will create that beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for! BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH cleans your teeth like no other brush you’ve used. Don’t even compare a manual toothbrush, an oscillating toothbrush or a battery operated spin brush with this SONIC toothbrush. NO comparison! Your teeth will never be the same. They’ll feel and look so much better. This electric brush will get rid of gingivitis in 2 weeks and make your teeth whiter and brighter!

Here are some of it’s great features:

  • 2 minute timer (shuts off automatically)
  • 30 second quad pacer (pauses so you can switch areas of the mouth)
  • 3 brushing modes: whitening, sensitive and massage
  • USB charger
  • brush head is super soft because it’s coated with binchotan charcoal  nanoparticles (remove stains and absorb odors)
  • battery lasts 4 weeks on a single charge (only takes one hour)
  • brush head automatically shipped for only $6 every 3 months
  • 90 Day Happiness guarantee!!
  • 2 colors available: BLACK OR WHITE

It’s only $39.99 with my PROMO CODE: NWFSTP



Burst Promo code NWFSTP for Burst Sonic Toothbrush & Whitening Strips

BURST recently came out with their COCONUT WHITESTRIPS!!

These strips come in a one week supply and only have to be applied for 5-10 minutes once a day to make your teeth whiter! The best part is that they don’t cause any sensitivity like some of the other whitening strips and products out there. Here are more great facts:

  • 7 pouches (7 day supply)
  • 14 strips total (7 upper & 7 lower)
  • Visibly whiter teeth  after just one application
  • Removes years of stains in just one week!
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide PLUS coconut oil
  • Enamel safe with NO SENSITIVITY!
  • Great flavor with no chemical aftertaste

The BURST  all new Coconut Whitening Strips bring you one step closer to perfection! The redefined formula guarantees no sensitivity and maximize whitening every time. You’ve heard of Coconut Oil Pulling? So combine that with enamel safe peroxide and you have the ultimate whitening experience. Professional grade results, little to no sensitivity, and none of the freaky chemical taste you get with traditional whitening strips.

Just like every BURST product, these whitening strips are designed and tested by the finest Dental Industry Professionals. When it comes to whiter teeth they know best. So they are so confident if you don’t have great results, they have a 90 Day Happiness guarantee! If you’re not happy, they will give you your money back!

There you have it-  the dynamic duo: BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH AND COCONUT WHITESTRIPS! Together they make the best pair to whiten and brighten your teeth! I’m a dental hygienist and I have used lots of brushes and whitening out there. These two really top them all. I have been using BURST since February, and absolutely love it! I’m so glad I don’t have to pay over $100 for an electric toothbrush anymore. That was with my professional discount too! Plus I’ve never been able to whiten my teeth with any bleaching products because they become so sensitive after just one treatment. That  was until I tried BURST coconut whitestrips. I used them for an entire week, and had them on for over 30 minutes, and had ZERO sensitivity!!

So I won’t recommend anything to anyone unless I have tried it. So if I don’t like it and it doesn’t work for me, I will NOT recommend it to you!

Please head on over to www.burstoralcare.com and start BURSTING!


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