Shampoo for hair loss

I think alopecia, or hair loss, is a terrible thing to experience.  Whether it’s from medications, postpartum or just age, it’s not fun to deal with. It’s even harder to figure out.  I’ve been dealing with it, on and off, for a very long time.  In my case, each time I dealt with it, it was a new issue. I did have terrible postpartum hair loss after my second child.  The weird thing is that I didn’t have any noticeable hair loss after my first child. But experts say, it can be different for each child. After my postpartum  hair loss, which I thought was over, I had continued hair loss. I could not for the life of me, figure out what the cause was. Then low and behold after some research, I found out that my blood pressure medication was causing the hair loss. I switched to a different one and didn’t realize that caused hair loss too!! Of course, before I figured it out I started using a new shampoo for thinning hair and hair loss. I did some google searching, (thank goodness for Uncle Google!) and quite a few shampoos came up. I saw a post listing about 10 shampoos and gave positives and negatives for each one.  So if you’re in the market for a shampoo that helps with hairloss, you need to consider a few things.

  1. Does it contain sulfates? (this is bad for color treated hair & not good overall)
  2. Does it dry your hair out or have something to moisturize your hair?
  3. Does it contain DHT blocking agents in it? (DHT has been found to be a major factor that causes hair loss in men and women)

So the shampoo I found that was the best overall (for me) was First Botany Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo. It contains NO sulfates, no bad chemicals that will fade your color treated hair. It contains moisturizing ingredients that help make your hair softer and not dry it out. Almost all shampoos that help your hair grow and reduce hair loss will dry your hair out TERRIBLY! Also, it contains the MOST DHT blockers of any shampoo for hair loss. The added benefit of this shampoo was the fact that it only cost $19 and some change on Amazon! This is almost half of what other shampoos cost!

Here’s my review: I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO!! IT WORKS!! I have tried so freakin many shampoos to help speed up hair growth, or reduce hair loss etc. None worked for me. Plus they all made my hair feel like straw. Some take forever to use. By that I mean you have to shampoo twice, or leave it on for 5 minutes. Who the heck wants to leave shampoo on their head for 5 minutes? NOT ME! First Botany’s Shampoo is super easy to use. You only have to use a small amount and really work it in to your scalp. I massage my scalp for about 30 seconds, then work the rest down to the ends of my hair. Directions say you only have to leave it in for 2 minutes. Perfect! I shave my airpits and by that time, it’s time to rinse it out. I can tell when my hair is wet, if my hair feels dry. It will feel very tangled. This one rinses out very nice and clean. My hair feels soft already! The only negative to this shampoo is: they don’t have a conditioner to go with it. LOL! Not that you need one but I always like to use conditioner because my hair is fine and dry. It seems to do better with a follow up conditioner.  Plus regular conditioner will clog the pores in your scalp, leading to more hair loss and build up! I did find a nice conditioner for hair loss but I’ll make another blog post for that later on.

If you try this shampoo please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think and if it works for you!

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